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  • Three interesting stories on “Keeping Fresh”

    Three interesting stories on “Keeping Fresh”

    1.The fresh lichee and yang yuhuan in Tang Dynasty “Seeing a horse galloping up on the road,the emperor's concubine smiled happily;no one but her knew the Lichee is coming.” The well-known two lines comes from the famous poet in Tang dynasty, which describes then emperor...
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  • The Ancient “Refrigerator”

    The Ancient “Refrigerator”

    Refrigerator has brought great benefits to people's living life , especially in the scorching summer it is more indispensable. Actually as early as Ming Dynasty , it has become an important summer equipment, and was widely used by the the royal nobles Refrigerator has br...
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  • Quick Look On Cold Chain

    Quick Look On Cold Chain

    1.What is COLD CHAIN LOGISTICS? The term “cold chain logistics” was first appeared in China in 2000. The cold chain logistics refers to the whole integrated network equipped with special equipment that keeps fresh and frozen food at the fixed low temperature during all ...
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