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What are the contents of an ice pack?

The principal ingredient(98%) is water. The remaining is Water-absorbing polymer. Water-absorbing polymer solidifies water. It’s often used for diapers.

Are the contents inside the gel pack poisonous?

The contents inside our gel packs are non-toxic with Acute Oral Toxicity Report, but it’s NOT meant to be consumed.

Why should I consider No Sweat Gel packs?

No Sweat Gel packs absorb moisture thus protecting the product being shipped from condensation that can occur during transit.

Do bricks stay frozen longer?

Possibly, but there are many shipping variables which determine length of time a brick or gel stays frozen. The primary advantage of our brick is the bricks ability to keep a consistent shape & they fit in tighter spaces.


How long do your ice packs last?

There are many variables that influence the performance of an ice pack, including:

The type of packaging being used – e.g. Ice bricks, no sweat ice packs, etc.

The origin and destination of the shipment.

The duration requirements for the package to remain in a specific temperature range.

The minimum and/or maximum temperature requirements throughout the duration of the shipment.

How long does it take to freeze a gel pack?

The time to freeze gel packs is dependent on the quantity and the type of freezer used. Individual packs can freeze as quickly as a few hours. Pallets quantities can take up to 28 days.


Can your ice packs be used on body parts?

Our products are engineered to bring cold for the ambient. They can be applied both for food and pharmaceuticals related occasions.

What products is your insulation packaging suitable for?

Our range of insulated packaging materials are suitable for the shipment of all temperature-sensitive products. Some of the products and industries we serve include:

Food: meat, poultry, fish, chocolate, ice cream, smoothies, groceries, herbs & plants, meal kits, baby food
Drink: wine, beer, champagne, juices  (view our food packaging products)
Pharmaceutical: insulin, IV medicines, blood products, veterinary medicines
Industrial: chemical mixtures, bonding agents, diagnostic reagents
Cleaning & cosmetics: Detergents, shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash

How do I choose the best packaging for my products?

As each temperature-sensitive product packaging application is unique; you can check our home page “solution” for reference,or call or email us today for specific recommendations for reliably protecting your product shipments.

Customer support

Can I include my own company logo on the packaging?

Yes. Custom printing and designs are available. Certain minimums and additional costs may apply. Your sales associate can provide more detailed information.

What if the products I purchase don't work for my application?

We try our best to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Most of the time, we recommend testing our products prior to purchase. We will gladly provide samples for testing at no charge to ensure, in advance, that our packaging will meet the requirements of your particular application.


Can I reuse ice packs?

You can reuse the hard types. You cannot reuse the soft type if the package is ripped.

How can I throw away ice packs?

Disposal methods differ depending on administrations. Please check with your local authority. It’s usually the same way as diapers.