Custom Insulated Food Delivery Bags are available

Nowadays ,Food delivery is the new normal , whether it's from your favorite restaurant, grocery store, or meal kit. It's easier than ever to get delicious, fresh, healthy (or unhealthy!) food delivered to your door, but how do companies ensure your order stays warm in transit until you bring it indoors? That's where insulated meal delivery bags come in.
If you're in the food shipping business—whether it's hot takeout, cold vegetables, or anything in between—you know the importance of keeping those items at the proper temperature. Otherwise, your customers will go crazy or sick, or both.
Our current customer in the food delivery business challenged us to find an insulated grocery bag that would stay closed, not only keep items at the right temperature for longer, but keep curious critters keep away. We used to have a bag that fit the bill, but it was very large and too big for most applications outside of grocery shopping.
So when we tried to meet all these requirements, shanghai huizhou industrial rose to the challenge. A few months ago, we added three more insulated meal delivery bags. They have zippers on three sides and are sized to fit different sized takeout containers.

Food Insulation Delivery Bag

Our Food Insulation Delivery Bag is so functional, meal delivery services will love it. Side slip pockets are perfect for holding menus, invoices, or other pertinent information. A business card window on the lid helps drivers track the bag's owner, and the reinforced construction is built to last!

Food Insulation Delivery Bag2

The Zip Top Insulated Grocery Bag is very similar to our meal prep thermal bag with two notable exceptions. It's always been a little on the small side, but it has a square lid with zippers on three sides and a cube shape when filled - adding bulk to compensate for the slightly smaller stature. Another bag perfect for takeout containers for delicious treats!

Food Insulation Delivery Bag3

Finally we have the hot cold thermal bag. A completely different material from the first two. It's three-ply, with a snap-on plastic handle on top, and its simple construction keeps it competitively priced. You can see it in the supermarket, groceries, vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, as long as it is a product with temperature control requirements, it can ensure that your fresh products are fresh in the last 1-2 hours from the supermarket to your home address Frozen state, and does not need any ice and ice packs.

Three insulated food delivery bags. Three distinct characters. Which one is best for your business (and your takeout container?)? let us know!

Post time: Jun-07-2023