hot cold thermal bag with plastic handle for grocery BBQ pacakging

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hot&cold Insulated Bag is an insulated container with fashion design specially engineered for containing temperature sensitive hot or cold products(,medicine) to make sure they can stay hot or cold as they are with longer time.


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Part One/Description

hot1.Huizhou Hot&cold Bag is firstly designed for carrying temperature sensitive hot or cold products shipping from the supermarket and pizza shop to home to make sure the inside food still hot or cold,still fresh and delicious to eat within 2-3 hours . They are highly used for food&beverage,and medicine.  

2.The Hot&cold Bag comes with latest thermal technology and is composed of outer reflective layer, EPE middle insulation core layer and food grade inner protective layer. So that the bag looks very clean and fashionable. Especially,the middle EPE material can insulate the inside from outside world and be one cushion to the inside items. That is why the internal products are well kept hot and cold and be protected during carrying or delivery.

3.The hot&cold Bag can be widely used for containing hot or cold food,drinks and medicine. Typically for supermarket shopping,meal delivery and perfect for taking foods to potlucks, cold drinks to the party, or bringing frozen foods home from the grocery store.

4.And to make the inside items stay cold for longer, ice packs are recommended to use together.

Part Two/Function

1.Huizhou Hot&cold Bag can be widely used for carrying temperature sensitive hot or cold products mostly food,drinks and medicine. They can be used as shopping bag,delivery bag, or even gift bag.

2.When in supermarket,they offer a convenient way of keeping items hot or cold and frozen for hours at a time. Allow you to spend more time in shopping and less time worrying about your food quality.

3.For hot meal carrying or delivery,these hot&cold bag can ensure still hot and delicious food when they are arrived.

4.For personal use,the hot&cold bags are excellent for bringing lunch to office as well as great for outdoor activities including picnics,boating, fishing, sporting events,etc.

5.Since they are so light weight and fold completely flat you can practically take them anywhere, or keep a few of them in the trunk of your car for prepared food.

Part Three/Parameters


Outer Material Thermal Layer Inner Material Options





Aluminum Foil



EPE Pearl Cotton






Handle ,






Note:Customized options are available.

Part Four/Features

1.Non-toxic, odorless, safe and convenient to use;

2.Food grade, light weight, waterproof, washable and sturdy;

3.Fashion design,fashionable for use as a shopping bag;

4.Our unique design can keep items inside hot or cold and frozen for up to 2-3 hours; 

5.Multi-color flexo print and customized design available that can be used for printing your own moving advertisement;

6.Reusable bags ,bags are 100% recyclable 

Part Five/Instruction

1.The thermal bag is most popular for food&drinks or medicine carrying and delivery for a short distance within 2-3 hours; 

2.They are ideal for grocery shopping, picnics, take-out foods, and travel. etc. Apply to food & pet food, beverage, daily necessities, medicine, and gift bag, etc.

3.Keeps food cold and fresh from the store to your home. The hot&cold bags with handles can keep items hot or cold for hours at a time, and prevent perishables from spoiling. (Actual time varies depending upon amount of food inside the bag as well as temperature and sunlight conditions outside of the bag.)

4.To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this plastic bag away from babies and children. Do not use this bag in cribs, beds, carriages or playpens.

5.The inside and outside plastic lining is made from recycled plastic. You can reuse the bag more times doing good for the environment.

6.To keep the inside items cold or frozen for longer time, you can use ice packs together.


Huizhou is the leading manufacturer and exporters of cold chain package. Consistently following the up-to-date with the industry’s best practices, we can answer your questions upon packaging challenges so that you can deliver your products in the most efficient way, and we can customize for your unique products. 

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