H and Z

Our full name is Shanghai HuiZhou Industrial Co., Ltd.. Letters H and Z are the initial letters of Chinese language pronunciation (in PingYin) Hui and Zhou respectively, while Hui is the short form for “Hui Ju” (means gatering) and Zhou is for “Jiu zhou”(represents ancient China);and then altogether Hui plus Zhou is the abbreviation for Hui Ju Jiu Zhou,which means “Gathering in China”. That means our business dwells on the whole country in China. The formal Chinese characters should be “汇聚九州”,but “汇州” failed to be registered as our company name,that why we have “惠洲“ as our name since they have the same pronunciation as ”汇州“.


The Outer Ring

The circle represents the globe. It shows we will try to extend our business outside China.

And “HZ” with the ciricle is our trade mark registered in May 21, 2014.