Online Expo:Interested in Our Cold Chain Packaging Products? Join Our Live Show to Have a Close Look!

Confined to the local area with COVID-19,we have less or even no chance to have face to face communication with our customers as we have done before in exhibitions. To further and effect our understanding on needs and business,here we are organizing three rounds live shows on Sept.1st,2nd,3rd respectively,which vividly demonstrate and explain our temperature-controlled packaging products used during cold chain shipment.
Please refer to the detailed live show schedule&host as below!
(Three rounds live shows respectively on Sept.1st,2nd,3rd.)
(Our hosts from left to right are Eadie, Wing,Jason,Andy,Lucas and Kristy.)
Looking forward to seeing you there!
We are professional provider of temperature-controlled packaging products.

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Post time: Sep-01-2021