Chinese Saint Valentine’s Day


VALENTINE'S Day in China is called The Double Seventh Festival,which in the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, falls on August 14th this year.

The festival has been handed down for nearly 2 millennia in China and the story has been recorded as far back as the Jin Dynasty (256-420 AD).In China,everyone has heard a romantic legend.That is,on the evening, Niu Lang and Zhi Nu will meet on a bridge of magpies across the Milky Way.

 Life needs the sense of ritua.This is a day filled with love and surprise.So,On August 13th,the day before the Double Seventh Festval day,Shanghai Huizhou Industrial CO,.LTD.  has prepared a Valententine’s Day-Gift for every employees.

Chocolate is an international expression to show romance and love to people.Lots of people will send chocolate this day.According to it, Huizhou Industrial prepared chocolate surprise for everyone.The presence of a happy Huizhou Family wrapped up in each other. 

Finally,Huizhou Industrial wish everyone’Happy Double Seventh Festival and have a nice day with your lover or family!’

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Post time: Aug-13-2021