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Instant Cold Pack 130

Product details



1. size 18*12cm; material: PE&NYLON; weight: 130g

2. easy to use, can get cold to -4 within 5 seconds, and keep cold for a long period

3. flexible after cooling and contact skin largely, environmental-friendly material without any side-effect

4. The material can be recycled as the fertilizer after reaction

5. non-toxic, non-caustic, disposable

Use manual:

1.Locate inner liquid pouch at the arrows and squeeze firmly to rupture

2.Shake to mix contents


1.This instant cold pack helps to reduce body temperature and relieves pain and swelling, convenient to use while driving, traveling, fishing, hiking, or camping.

2.Appilcation range:

(1) Minor scrapes and bruises,muscle aches and sprains, toothache, headache, calenture, stanch, oedema

(2) Minor scald, burn

(3) Emergency cases

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